Artist and sculptor Gustav Schubotz, Solartpark Riotord, France

Artist and Sculptor Gustav Schubotz
Artist and Sculptor Gustav Schubotz

stands for transforming any object or material to art
Sculptor Gustav Schubotz delivers sculptor courses in stone wood metal
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Sculptor Gustav Schubotz, Solart-park Riotord France
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Sculptor Gustav Schubotz

Works by SchubotzArt
Works by SchubotzArt


Here You will find an extract of my Sculptures, which are presented in my Catalogue. As soon as an Sculpture or Objekt is documented with context and picture and included, you will be able to open it with a click.

The description of the Object will be first in German or French. We will take care that as times goes on, the description will appear in all of the languages of this Website, in French, German and English.


Sculptor Gustav Schubotz, an universal artist, capable of turning any object or material into art
Professor and Conceptor in Plastic Art, wood stone metal steel, all materials, SchubotzArt
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