Artist and sculptor Gustav Schubotz, Solartpark Riotord, France

Artist and Sculptor Gustav Schubotz
Artist and Sculptor Gustav Schubotz

stands for transforming any object or material to art
Sculptor Gustav Schubotz delivers sculptor courses in stone wood metal
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Sculptor Gustav Schubotz, Solart-park Riotord France
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Lovely Ladies
Sculptor Gustav Schubotz

Lovely Ladies in SchubotzArt
Lovely Ladies in SchubotzArt

Lovely Lady 0602
Lola 02
Femme ein trance
Lola 03

Lola 01

Lola 06
Lovely Lady 0607
Lola 07
Lovely Lady 0608
Lola 08
Lovely Lady 0609
Lola 09
Lovely Lady 0610
Lola 10
  Lovely Lady 0616
Lola 16

Lola 04
Lovely Lady 0611
Lola 11
Lovely Lady 0612
Lola 12

Lola 05
Lovely Lady 0615
Lola 15
Lovely Lady 0614
Lola 14
      Lovely Lady 0613
Lola 13
Lovely Lady 0617
Lola 17

Sculptor Gustav Schubotz, an universal artist, capable of turning any object or material into art
Professor and Conceptor in Plastic Art, wood stone metal steel, all materials, SchubotzArt
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