Artist and Sculptor Gustave Schubotz
Artist and Sculptor Gustave Schubotz

stands for transforming any object or material to art
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Gustave Schubotz creates in Burkina-Faso
Gustave Schubotz creates in Burkina-Faso

Introduction speech as representant of the sculptors before the prominent and guests of the 8th international sculptor symposium in LAONGO, BurkinaFaso, in March 2008.

An art educator enthusiastically about granite

Gustave Schubotz, born in Namibia, (Southwest-Africa) is a German sculptor of high repute. The artist starts his large comeback to symposium with these 8th edition of the international sculptor symposium in granite of Laongo after 3 years break. He had broken his ellbow after a 5meter fall of ladder. "it is already a good thing for me, that Africa and especially Burkina Faso gives me back my energy", he said concerning his participation in the meeting of Laongo(Tambiayargo).

For Gustave Schubotz granite sculpturing is a journey into the inside, into his memories. He developed his talent already, when he played since his earliest childhood on the granite mountains of Namibia. Later he became a Professeur for free art after in a long study in his country, Germany. He passed his realizations on to other sculptors at the academy of Lyon. His slogan or Credo contains the integration of the children into the art process. Since he was very in demand from artists, he had to limit the instruction time in favor of creation of large sculptures, which became his speciality. His works are represented world-wide as in

  • France Italy, Spain
  • Germany, Austria,
  • Syria and Namibia.
Het is very lucky that he may work with African artists, particularly due to their close relationship with nature.
Burkina Faso: The Granit Symposium of Laongo. Die The 8th edition of international Granitsymposiums of Laongo. The first hit with the Meissel and hammer marks the beginning. The Venus of Laongo by Gustav Schubotz (Germany) shows a woman, which presents live. This work poses as a great hommage an women on date of 8tm march, where the woman represents the hub aof al festvities an this day of woman.

Burkina Faso:




Sculptor Gustave Schubotz, an universal artist, capable of turning any object or material into art
Professor and Conceptor in Plastic Art, wood stone metal steel, all materials, SchubotzArt
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